Want to Finally Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography?

Now you can with Breaking Street Paradigms


For Passionate Street Photographers Who want to overcome their fear of shooting strangers. My program Breaking Street Paradigms is a street photography workshop in NYC that will transform you into your own unique Humans of NY.

The first time you discover Street Photography, it absolutely blows your mind away.

Seeing the works of the greats such as


Henri Cartier-Bresson

Bruce Gilden

Saul Leiter

These artists are so captivating, their work is enough to make you a life long fan of street photography.


You grab your camera and hit the streets of NYC looking to capture your decisive moment. The barrier to entry is pretty low. All you need is a camera. With NYC as you background, Life doesn’t get much easier.

You soon realize it’s harder than you thought. Shooting photos of strangers causes you anxiety you didn’t know you had before.

What if they reject you? Or maybe you take a picture of someone and they end up yelling at you. What if people see you with your camera and just avoid you.

How will you be able to capture your decisive moment then!

If you want to take your street photography skills to the next level, you have to overcome your fear of shooting strangers.

If all you want to do is stick to shooting photos of buildings and inanimate objects, then this workshop is probably not for you and I wish you the best of luck.


If you do not learn how to mange your fears of shooting people, your photography skills will deteriorate. You’ll never grow and evolve as a person and photographer. You’ll never learn how to interact with random strangers and make them comfortable around you. To make it even worse, you’ll still be afraid of rejections and constantly worrying what random people think about you. That’s no way to live.

With Breaking Street Paradigms, you'll learn full proof step by step methods to completely destroy your fear of shooting strangers FOREVER


The program has been design from the ground up to take you from a passionate photographer who fears shooting strangers to a master photographer capable of walking up to ANYONE and making an unbelievable image of them with their blessings.

What Exactly Is Breaking Street Paradigms?


Breaking Street Paradigms is a two day workshop designed to completely destroy all fears you have of shooting people in the street.

Day 1

Master Candid by

  • Learning 3 ways to help you get comfortable shooting in the Streets
  • Learning how to appear “invisible” while shooting in the streets
  • Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts of candid street photography
  • How to Spot the Decesive Moment
  • Best Camera settings to never miss a candid Shot
  • Photographing Strangers Head-on without getting punched

Day 2

Master Interacting by

  • Eradicating Your Fear of Rejection
  • Learning 5 Steps You Can Use to Get You in a Social Mood
  • Learn How to Create Win-Win Situations with your subjects
  • How to Approach strangers in a way that puts you and them at ease
  • Getting Random Strangers to willingly strike the exact pose you want
  • Keep in contact with your subjects to show them their images

Things You'll Master

  • How To Never Fear Rejection Again
  • How To Approach Strangers in a way that maximizes their receptiveness
  • How To Get Stellar Candid Shots when you’re tired and feeling lazy
  • How To Take Amazing Free Street portraits that will make your photographer friends who pay for models and makeup Jealous
  • How to Stand out from Every Other Street Photographer by making great photos with the help of the strangers you’ll meet
  • What to say when you approach strangers and guide them to help you get the shots you want
  • Candid Street Photography Etiquette so that you only create Win-Win Situations

Here's What You'll Get After Completing Breaking Street Paradigms


Super Human Confidence

With this badge, you’ll be able to approach any individual you want in any situation they’re in with ZERO fears of the outcome

Secrets of the Unexpected

Build the skills necessary to handle anything unexpected the environment throws at you

Rejection Inahilation Method

Step by Step Guide on How to Conquer your fear of rejection with 3 actionable steps you can use FOR LIFE

Bullet Proof Armor

Ability to take photos of strangers without getting punched in the face, yelled at and chasing down the street like a hooligan

Collaboration Close Manifesto

Simple steps to collaborate with strangers by giving directions and posing suggestions to achieve the street look you’re going for

Nerves Of Steel

4 Hacks you can use to eliminate your social anxiety in any situation (even in dates, or social events)


Candid Street Certified

3 hours of candid street photography mastery


Street Portrait Certified

3 hours of interacting with strangers to make street portraits

No Bullshit Ebook

This ebook will be your companion to guide you on your journey to becoming a great street photographer. This book will show you simple ways to capture the decisive moment. The optimal settings to use and what to do if you get caught taking a picture + much more.


How Much is it Worth for you to overcome your fear of street photography ONCE and for ALL?


One beautiful sunny summer day as you're sitting at home thinking about grabbing your camera and going out to attempt some street photographer after watching a few youtube videos and reading a couple of blog posts, you pick up your camera and out of nowhere a camera genie appears. The genie then proceeds to make you an offer you can't refuse.

"I know you want to overcome your fear of shooting street photography really badly. Give me one of your lenses and with the snap of my fingers you will never be afraid of doing street photographer ever again."

What will a bargain like that do for you? How will that indestructable confidence affect your photography? Your business? Your life?

How will that offer make your portfolio stand out compared to everyone else shooting the same images? How many street photography awards do you think you'd win? The genie unlocked the potential you've had all along in exchange for a lens.

I have put everything I know into this workshop to make sure that after you've taken it, you will never have any fears related to street photography again.

I am so confident Breaking Street Paradigms will completely revolutionalize your outlook on street photography and give you the tools you need to completely overcome your fear of approaching and interacting with strangers that if I fail to meet any of these claims, I'll give you 100% of your money back.

Yes. That's right, If after the end of Breaking Street Paradigms you still have a fear of doing street photography and interacting with strangers I will give you 100% of your money back.

On top of giving you your money back, I'll also get you a brand new lens for your camera.

You've got nothing to lose. As a matter of fact you'll gain a new lens if you still have fears of doing street photography after Breaking Street Paradigms. No I am not crazy. I will give you your money back and get you a lens for your camera. That's how confident I am about Breaking Street Paradigms being the real deal.

These are 1 one 1 intensive workshops so I am putting a Cap at the first 20 people and won't reopen it until those 20 have graduated with honors from the workshop.

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