Got a camera. Hate cardio. Do this! 

Cardio, what a bore. Most people I know do cardio out of necessity rather than pure enjoyment for running, jogging, strolling, or even walking.

Well, as you continue reading these words typed down in the WordPress app on my phone while sitting in the Q train nyc subway going fast as fuck downtown. Tchaikovsky blasting in my ears. I am going to riff off a few ways my hate for cardio turning into I love it so much I don’t even think I’m doing cardio anymore with the use street photography.

Street Photography is Cardio

Sunrise Running

That photo right there was some fantastic piece of cardio. Woke up early as hell (6am) to catch the sunrise at the east River. Took a minute to gather put on some clothes grab the 80D and agorilla pod tripod then head out the door. Walked the 10 minutes from my apt to the east river. Totally forgot to check the weather so when I got there, I found out that it was going to be a very cloudy morning. Managed to snap some beautiful photos. Which made the 10 minute fasted cardio session totally worth it including the 30minutes walking around shooting photos.

You love taking photos but you hate doing cardio. Combine both of them. You might be already doing it without being aware off it.

You’ve been getting lazy recently. Although you have a gym membership, you haven’t been using it much. Well here’s a simple solution to that. Grab your camera and just get out of the house. Doesn’t matter where you go. Just pack your camera and get out.

Go out and do some street photography. Go out walking for 30 minutes taking photos. Doesn’t matter where you walk and it doesn’t matter what you make photos of. Just go out and do it. Once you’re doing it, those answers will reveal themselves to you.

Street Photography is Cardio + Yoga


On top of all the walking you are going to be doing in the search of moments worthy of being immortalized by a picture, you will find yourself doing all kinds of weird poses to get the perfect angle for your shot. You’ll find yourself crouching just to get shots like the one below.

Crouching Shot of kid



You’re going to do so much cardio and be so tired that you’ll sit down and end up getting amazing shots like the one below.


Street Photography looking up at a man

Cardio is very simple. Bring your camera with you, walk around for at least 30 minutes taking different kinds of photos in different areas. On top of burning calories, your street photography skills will get better, you’ll lose body fat, gain knowledge of different neighborhoods you had no clue about and finally develop a love for cardio.


I hope this succinct little article while inspire you to start doing some cardio on the side. It’s not that hard at all if you manage to bring in something you love into the equation. Bonus tip: also bring some music and bliss right there. Music that you love while making fantastic photos and doing cardio at the same time. Cardio has never been better.

Would love to see what types of images you’ve managed to capture in your cardio sessions. Share them in the comments below.

Catch you next time

Stay Slim