How to Make Professional Fashion Shots With a Kit Lens

On every photography group that I am apart of, I keep seeing the same thing over and over again. All I have is a kit lens. My photos suck, what expensive lens should I buy that will make my photos look better? 

After I was done chuckling to myself; I decided to make this post and shed some light on this subject. YES. Having a better lens allows your pictures to turn out better. BUT. If you can’t make photos you take with a kit lens look any good then the problem does not lie in your lack of higher quality glass. Maybe, just maybe, you shoot shitty pictures. Luckily that’s an easy fix. That’s for another post. Today I am going to show you how I took professional fashion show photos with a kit lens.


Make Professional Fashion Shots with a Kit Lens

In this post I am only going to post the unprocessed photos taken straight from camera. All I did was convert the format to jpeg from CR2. To see the final edited images check out the gallery here.

This was the first fashion show I ever attended specifically for the purpose to photograph. I had been into photography for 2 months at this point. I took my canon 80D with the kit lens and my trusty 35mm F/2 Zeiss Distagon lens (which turned out to be of no use).

Thank God I wasn’t in the pit with every other photographer fighting for the same shots. I was in the front row towards the right if you’re standing on the stage.

Before starting, I used a grey card to figure out what color temperature I should use to make sure that the colors look just right. I also made my shutter speed relatively high, not less then 1/60th of a second to make sure there is no blur from the models walking. On top of that I was zoomed all the way out (135mm).



This shoot was pretty simple. After the first couple of shots are out of the way to figure out your exposure. You can then spend the rest of the time thinking about capturing the fashion show and working on getting the perfect composition. Check out the rest of the images I made during the fashion shoot here.

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